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Are you interested in promoting your race, store or other business to your local and the national audience of runners?

Take advantage of the opportunity to reach runners across the country through the Member Card program.

Simply offer a discount or other special offer of your choosing to runners who hold the Card.

Among your benefits:

Check Repeated social media and website postings of information you provide us.
Check Status as a Preferred race, store or other business on the Member Card list posted on the website and other locations.
Check E-mail notices about your race, store or other business to Card Members and running clubs.
Check Access to runners who are interested in traveling—a market willing to spend money for running and travel-related services.
Check Promotion with the Preferred designation/logo on your communications.
Check Free advertising for a year on for the first 25 organizations that sign up.

It's easy to get started with Member Card—Just let us know you're interested and we'll take care of the rest. There's no cost to join.

We look forward to helping you promote your race, store or other business.